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  1. Hi its me again, could I ask if you have done any research into survivors of WW1, if so have you found anything about Private John Cleary ( or I found out off censor s his family were actually Clary)
    He was with Notts & Derby and brother in law to Tommy/Samuel Radford. John Clearly was my great grandfather married to Mary Radford. He was based and returned home to a hospital in Scotland sadly he never recovered from it but didn’t die until the 1950s.
    His number in Notts and Derby was 202303 and his roll page us F/103 /227 page 5386.
    My mum whose in her 80s now has always wanted to know WHERE he was gassed and I too now have the yearning to know but cannot find where to go I did ask the Notts & Derby museum but they deal with fatalities. I would be extremely greatful if you could assist as mums health is failing and I know she would be happy to know
    Thanks Lindsey

  2. Hi.

    Additions to your list of Fairfield fallen: Pvt George Proctor.


    Sherwood Foresters

    (Notts and Derby Regiment)


    4th Battalion on CWGC Records

    but most probably 11th Battalion

    (see below)

    Service Number:


    Date of Death:

    4 April 1917 (Died of Wounds)



    Cemetery / Memorial:



    Grave Reference:

    North-west of Church.

    George was my Great Uncle (real surname HYDE but for some reason took on Proctor surname which is his grandmothers surname and hence him living with his Uncle at his time of death in April 1917 and mentions his ‘father’ living at No 16 New High street in the Buxton Ad… but Frances Proctor was obviously not his father… and we don’t to this day know who was). My grandfather is Georges brother, Richard Hyde (Fairfield 1898) mother Sarah Ann Hyde (Buxton 1857 and who also assumed her mothers maiden name – Proctor at times). My family had a significant association with Fairfield having been residents of New High St and Heaton Place in 1911 (No5 on 1911 census). Hope this helps your cause some. Regards

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