One thought on “Other Men With Links to Fairfield”

  1. Hi its me again, could I ask if you have done any research into survivors of WW1, if so have you found anything about Private John Cleary ( or I found out off censor s his family were actually Clary)
    He was with Notts & Derby and brother in law to Tommy/Samuel Radford. John Clearly was my great grandfather married to Mary Radford. He was based and returned home to a hospital in Scotland sadly he never recovered from it but didn’t die until the 1950s.
    His number in Notts and Derby was 202303 and his roll page us F/103 /227 page 5386.
    My mum whose in her 80s now has always wanted to know WHERE he was gassed and I too now have the yearning to know but cannot find where to go I did ask the Notts & Derby museum but they deal with fatalities. I would be extremely greatful if you could assist as mums health is failing and I know she would be happy to know
    Thanks Lindsey

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