George Proctor 1884 – 1917


Notts & Derby Regimental Badge
Notts & Derby Regimental Badge
George photograph & report from Buxton Advertiser
George photograph & report from Buxton Advertiser researched 2014
Grave at St Peters Churchyard 2014
Grave at St Peters Churchyard 2014

Georges grave at St Peters Church, Fairfield

George Proctor: George was born on 24th May 1884 his birth was registered as George Hyde. Georges mother Sarah Ann Hyde was the daughter of Hannah Hyde nee Proctor.

1891 Census: Living on Fairfield Road aged 7yrs and is listed as the Son of Blacksmiths Francis Proctors cousin Sarah Anne Hyde along with his older sister Edith, Edith was born on 29th November 1878 and started North Road School 4th April 1889. George started North Road School on 1st February 1892. Both had the surname  Proctor and their fathers name is given as Frank of Fairfield Road.
1901 Census: Living at Alma Place with Francis Proctor now listed as an Uncle who is a Blacksmith. Georges occupation is a Wheelwright.  

1911 Census: I have been unable to find George on the census however records for his mother, show that she was lodging at 5 Heaton Place, Fairfield, employed as a ‘Carpet Maker’ there is now a younger brother, Richard, born in 1898. Sister Edith is working as a Servant.

The obituary in the ‘Buxton Advertiser’ records his father Mr Proctor living at 16 New High Street, Buxton.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Lindsay Hyde (Australia) George Proctor was my great uncle, Sarah Ann Hyde being my great Grandmother and his younger brother Richard who you mention, being my grandfather. Its good to get some information on George abt his younger years as George has been quite difficult to obtain information on when researching from Australia. Great site..appreciate your dedication. I have fortunately been able to track Georges WW1 service medals which I now proudly display with his brother Richards in my home in Australia. I am happy to send you a pic of the medals if this helps your site. Regards

    Lindsay Hyde

    1. Hi Lindsay, I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I would be delighted if you could send a photo of Georges Medals & I would then add them with his information. You can email me directly at I hope to be adding some more information to the site as there is to be a dedication to the new Memorial at St Peters Church soon. Thank-you for lovely remarks, kind regards Val

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