Heaton Place/Row Fairfield

Heaton Place/Eaton Row

There is no mention in the 1871 census for Fairfield of either Heaton Place or Eaton Row, most residents of the area unless they lived in a Large House, Farm or Public House are just listed as living in Fairfield. The earliest mention I have found are children who started at North Road School in March 1879, 3 such children were Robert George Wilson, William Arthur Slack & Ada Bennett. In the 1881 Census Heaton Place is listed for the first time with 4 properties empty which may suggest that they were newly built.


1st row of cottages Heaton Place
1st row of cottages Heaton Place/Row 2014
Heaton Place 2014, there is another row of houses in front of these that complete Heaton Row
2nd row of cottages Heaton Place/Row 2014,

Heaton Place consists of two rows of cottages now off Ashwood Road.

Wall sign on the cottages with Heaton Place on one side & Benson Road on the other side.
Wall sign on the cottages with Heaton Place on one side & Benson Road on the other side.

The wall signs on one of the row of houses clearly show that the row is called Heaton Place as the 1881 Census names them, however in the 1891 Census the properties are referred to as Eaton Row. I have as yet not been able to find out why the other roadside sign say’s Benson Road as the houses are off Ashwood Road, it may be that at some point Benson Road was re-named.

In the 1881 Census when ‘Heaton Place’ is mentioned for the first time, the families living in the properties are as follows:- 1. James Wilson, 2,3 & 4 Empty, 5. John Wilson, 6. George Moss, 7. Henry Rogers, 8. Mathew Thorpe, 9. William Cordon, 10. Isaac Wilson, 11. Sampson Riley, 12. Empty.

It has been suggested that the properties were built by a Property Developer who originated in Manchester, George Heaton. George moved to Fairfield between 1871 & 1881. In 1881 George aged 59yrs and his wife Fanny aged 41yrs were living at Heaton House which was situated on the corner of Queens Road and Bench Road. In the 1881 Census he gave his occupation as ‘Property Owner‘ as his house was named ‘Heaton House’ this would seem a reasonable conclusion as the cottages are in close proximity, that he was the developer of the properties.

1881 Census for George Heaton
1881 Census for George Heaton

The conditions in Fairfield were very poor during the late 1880’s. The teachers involved the NSPCC on a number of occasions to visit the parents of children who the teachers thought were being ill treated. Families living at Nall’s Buildings off Queens Road, New High Street, Heaton Row and Ashwood Road were visited.

1887, The conditions in Heaton Row (Place) are recorded in the local Fairfield board minutes of December 12th 1887. At numbers 11 & 12 Heaton Row two sink stones were defective and there were 13 members of one family living in the one house with only two bedrooms. Bad drainage was also a problem. 

Some of the above extracts are taken from the book ‘The Spirit of North Road School Fairfield by David G Owen available at Buxton Library 914.251

The 1891 Census now has George Heaton living at ‘Eaton House’.
A further indication of the connection between George Heaton and the properties

1891 Census for George Heaton at Eaton House
1891 Census for George Heaton at Eaton House

There were families living in Heaton Place in 1881/91 who were still living there at the outbreak of WW1 most notably the Stenson, Riley & Cordon families.

Between 1891 and 1901 George Heaton had died and his wife Fanny his widow was still living at Heaton House

1901 Census for Fanny Heaton Widow of George living at Heaton House
1901 Census for Fanny Heaton Widow of George living at Heaton House

1911 Census for Heaton Place shows the following families living in the houses and what became of them during  WW1, also listed are previous residents and the year they resided in the properties.

No 1 – Stenson

Peter Stenson
Peter, John, Joseph & Tom Stenson. Stenson

WW1 Peter Stenson RAMC, Survived. John Stenson Notts & Derby, Deceased. Joseph Stenson ? Survived. Tom Stenson Notts & Derby/MGC Survived

Pte John (Jack) Stenson
Pte John (Jack) Stenson

1901 Census: Mary Wilson.

1894 November- Emma Richard and daughter Nellie, living with the Wilsons.

1891 Census: James & Mary Wilson.

1881 Census: James & Mary Wilson.

No 2 – Vaines/Vanes

Arthur Vain 1911 Census
Arthur Vain 1911 Census

1902 – Charles Vanes & Family.

1901 Census: Charles Vanes.

1891 Census: John Pheasey.

1883 March – James Woodward & Family.

1881 Census: Empty

No 3 – Walker

Walker 1911 Census
Walker 1911 Census

1901 Census: Harry Doxey?

1895 April – Hannah Vanes and son Joseph.

1894 April – Hannah Vanes and daughter Martha.

1891 Census: George Moss.

1881 Census: Empty

No  4 – Morton

Morton 1911 Census
Morton 1911 Census

1901 Census: Walter Morten.

1899 April – Walter Morten with daughter Lucy

1897 May- Walter Morten and son Louis W Morten.

1893 April-John Belfield and son John Thomas Belfield.

1891 Census: Henry Riley.

1881 Census: Empty

No 5 – Cordon

Cordon 1911 Census
Cordon 1911 Census

1901 Census: Peter & Sarah Stenson.

1897 June- Peter & Sarah Stenson

1893 April- John & Dora Allen with daughter Annie.

1891 Feb – Jno. Barker with son Andrew.

1891 Census: Mary Wilson.

1888 April – Jno Barker with son Joseph.

1887 April – Jno Wilson with son Herbert.

1881 Census: John & Mary Wilson.

No 6 – Jackson

Jackson 1911 Census
Jackson 1911 Census

1901 Census: John Bradley.

1897 April – George W Knight with son George.

1894 April/Sept- Peter & Sarah Stenson with son Peter.

1891 Census: Peter & Sarah Stenson also living at the property was William Kirkham his wife & 2 children.

1890 Jan – William Wheeldon with son Jno. William.

1891 Feb – William Morris with daughter Hannah J.

1889 Jan – Jos. Wheeldon with daughter Sarah Jane

1881 Census: Empty

No 7 – Hughes

Hughes 1911 Census
Hughes 1911 Census

1901 Census: Henry Riley with son Arthur Riley lived at No 7, later moving to 73 Kings Road, Arthur died in 1920 @ home and is buried in St Peters Churchyard. Arthur was the cousin of Alfred & William H Riley both deceased during WW1.

1898 April – Henry Riley with son Sampson.

1896 April – William H Riley with daughter Mary.

1896 Nov- Henry & Sarah Riley with son Arthur.

1891 Census: John Redfern.

1881 Census: Henry Rogers.

No 8 – Riley

Riley 1911 Census
Riley 1911 Census

1901- Pt 28151 William H Riley was living at No 8 with his Grandparents Sampson Riley, William was the Brother of Alfred Riley (also deceased) and the Cousin of Arthur Riley (also deceased) William died at home in 1918 and is buried at St Peters Churchyard. In November 1901 Isaac Wardle & his son Will are also living with the Riley’s.

1899 April – William Riley with son William H Riley.

1897 April – John Garlic with son Geoff.

1894 – Henry Garlic with son George.

1891 Census: Sampson Riley.

1889 April – Sampson Riley looking after John Holmes.

1881 Census: Mathew Thorpe.

No 9 – Morris/Norris

1913 – Lance Corporal 9211 Shillcock, Notts & Derby Regiment who survived the war moved to No 9 following his marriage to Eliza Morris in 1913, their first child Harry Jnr was born there.

Lance Cpl Shilcock going to War
Lance Cpl Shilcock going to War
Morris 1911 Census
Morris 1911 Census

1902 March – William Vanes with son William.

1901 Census: William Morris.

1892 June – Joseph Wheeldon with son Charles.

1891 Census: John Bradley.

1885 May – Sarah Clarke & daughter Margaret,

1884 Sept – Geoff Brinsley with son Arthur& daughter Ada.

1883 March – Mary Smith with daughter Martha,

1881 Census: William Cordon.

No 10 – Bradbury

Bradbury 1911 Census
Bradbury 1911 Census

1901 Census: John Robinson.

1895 May – John & Emma Robinson with daughter Elizabeth.

1891 Census: Edward Potts.

1881 Census: Isaac Wilson.

No 11 – Riley

William Riley No 11

Pt 36134 Alfred Riley Notts & Derby Regiment brother of William Riley did not survive the war was living at No 11 in 1911. Alfred was also the cousin of Arthur Riley deceased during WW1.

1901 Census: John Barker.

1898 April – John Barker with son Harry.

1895 April – John Barker with son Jno.

1892 June – Tom Cooper with daughter Annie.

1891 Census: John Barker.

1881 Census: Sampson Riley.

No 12 – Riley

Riley 1911 Census
Riley 1911 Census

1901 Census: Thomas Davis.

1893 April – Harriett Loreade? with daughter Frances.

1891 Census: Joseph Wheeldon.

1881 Census: Empty.

In the Census of 1871 all properties in Fairfield unless they were a Farm, Business or Large House were not named by street, only the residents are listed. 

1914 – Noah Wood WW1, House number unknown as yet

Pte Noah Wood
Pte Noah Wood

Below are listed the children of families that lived in Heaton Place/Row that attended North Road School for which no house numbers were given…..

1879:  William Arthur Slack, Robert George Wilson, Ada Blunt.

1882: Hannah Martha Riley.

1883: William Riley.

1884: Hannah Barker, James Holmes, Maggie White.

1885: Nancy Nadin.

1886: Harry Smith, Emily Barker, Ernest Spencer, Mary E Spencer, Fred Bennett.

1887: William Holmes, Samuel Spencer, Mary Ellen Moss.

1888: Joseph Vanes, George Ward.

1891: Edward Slack,

1892: Tom Ball.

1893: Mary Elizabeth Vaines.

1894: Charles Vanes, William Morris, Lillie Robinson.

1896: Eliza Morris, Joseph Robinson.

1897: Beatrice Morton, Chas Wheeldon.

1898: John Bower, Fred Robinson, Ethel Riley, Annie Morris.

1901: Gladys Riley.



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  1. I have just viewed the photograph of my Grandfather ( Harry Shilcock) a photo I never knew existed …very emotional experience…thanks so much

    1. Thank-you for the kind remarks, I have done some further research on Harry & have up-dated the site. I hope that you find it interesting. I will contact you separately with some further information. If you know any other descendants of any of the other men please point them in the sites direction. Val.

  2. Hello, I am following up a potential lead that my Grandmother (Gladys Hall, born 1908) lived in a poor area named Heaton Place with 7 siblings, 5 of which reportedly died (I believe some of the siblings were called Elsie, Lillian and Thomas). I believe but am not certain at this point her parents were named Mary Ann Lealand and Thomas Hall. Have you come across any mention of these names as residents? I am sorry it is so vague, I don’t have a lot of detail of my family history and trying to piece together what I can, Thank you In advance.

    1. Hi Kerry-lee, I have really struggled looking for the Hall family, there were not that may in the area around 1900-1911 & none that I could find called Gladys which may have been a middle name? I assume she married if so what was her married name as it may be possible to work back from there? They may have come from out of the area. Please let me know what other info you have & I will have another look. Val :)

  3. Hello Val, thank you so very much. I discussed it further with my mum and she thinks it may have been a different place named Heaton, but she isn’t certain. Gladys later married Clement Augustus Fry in 1940. I have records that Elsie Hall married a Tom Chapman and Lillian Hall married name unknown. I believe the young boy Thomas may have died around age one, however, this is just from family discussions with no absolutes. Thanks again :)

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